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Chris Fane's Student Ministry News

A youth ministry blog consisting of a collection of articles and notes related to
student / youth ministry. Gathered by Chris Fane of egadideas.com

20 Questions to Develop Your Ministry


I saw an article that was called the same as the above except replace Ministry with Business. I thought to myself, "what would that look like for church?" This is the conclusion of that thought. I think, just like the original author, that the questions are more important than the answers and that there needs to be an answer, even though it doesn't always have to be absolutely correct. The answers tell what you are underutilizing, mis-communicating, mis-prioritizing, etc. Just asking the questions, digging in deep on some of these, and asking "why" after each answer will yield the most benefit in ministry.


1. What are your short term and long term goals (what time period are these goals)?

2. How do you measure success?

3. What do you think are the top three things keeping you from achieving success?

4. What are your ministry's exclusives? What do you have that others can't or wouldn't copy?


1. What is the average size and margin of your services? How has this trended?

2. How many people move each month from outside to inside groups? What is the mix of new vs. old members?

3. What is a service worth over a lifetime? Have you evaluated the effectiveness of services/programs?

4. What is needed to sustain a member? i.e. worship, small groups, discipleship/mentoring, service, etc.


1. How do you communicate to guests after visiting?

2. How does the mechanism of follow up compare with the effectiveness of retained guests? with regular members?

3. How do you measure your communications? What tests have you run? Results?

4. How do other ministries communicate differently than you?


1. What are the top 3 things guests and members are looking for when they come to a service/program? And how do you know this?

2. Where are most guests coming from or going to when they visit your ministry? And how do you know this?

3. If I were a guest, what would my 20 second word of mouth 'sound byte' be if I were to tell a friend about you? What would I say?

4. Who is your primary competition and how do you differentiate your service, experience, and outcomes from competition? (not other churches)


1. What are the roles/responsibilities of the top management in the ministry? How are these made clear to each of them?

2. What are your key performance indicators and how often do you review them?

3. How are staff compensated? Are there incentives?

4. What are the career paths? Are they clearly communicated to staff?

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11:03 a.m.

So many people find "measures for success" difficult to chart and you have laid the details out especially well here for doing just that! Thanks!    

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