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Chris Fane's Student Ministry News

A youth ministry blog consisting of a collection of articles and notes related to
student / youth ministry. Gathered by Chris Fane of egadideas.com

Mission Experience Ideas


This list of mission experiences is not meant to be an exhaustive list. Rather, it is a list to get your mind thinking about some possibilities. You might also consider connecting with an established mission organization for your first few experiences to gain exposure to even more mission ideas.

1. Mission to the elderly
• Rest home, convalescent hospital
• Rake leaves or shovel snow at the homes of senior citizens
• Shut in ministry in your community, where the elderly may be confined to their homes
• “Meal on Wheels” program, delivering food to the elderly
• Being a shuttle service for the elderly
• Adopt a grandparent: Many “grandparents” are living away from their relatives and would welcome the company and attention
• Do a “Senior Appreciation Night” for the elderly at a convalescent home or for those within your church

2. Mission to the sick
• Visit the “unvisited” in hospitals
• Visit a children’s hospital, even a children’s cancer ward
• Work with the hospital volunteer organization
• Send cards, flowers, gifts, or books to the sick from your church
• Run errands, fix food, clean house, catch up on chores, or baby sit for those who are ill or hospitalized
• “Adopt a Sick Person”, whether through your church, or organized through a local hospital

3. Mission to prisons
• Visit juvenile halls
• Provide worship services for juvenile halls
• Work with Prison Fellowship to sponsor “Project Angel Tree” in your church, bringing Christmas presents to families and children of inmates (To find more info on this project visit www.christianity.com/angeltree.)

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